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“I was never a big fan of therapy, a lot of misgivings. I knew something felt wrong, but I really didn’t know what it was or how to fix it. Going to Mikah changed my life. I guess I would say the best part of our sessions was the comfort and connection. She’s the first therapist I’ve had who I actually enjoyed talking to. There were places I really didn’t want to go, I never felt pushed but somehow we got there. I finally feel in control of my life.”


“To say you’ve helped me is an understatement. Over the past few months I truly feel that I was able to do things I never thought possible and I’m so very grateful. You have helped me heal, you have helped me cultivate the person I always knew was there, you helped me see my patterns and above all you gave me the tools to see real life change. Thank you for helping me understand myself. Thank you for your unwavering care and the gentle push I needed. The World is a better place with you in it.”


“Working with Mikah is like working with a good friend who can give professional level advice. I really feel like she can help with absolutely anything. She helped me get my house organized, get on a workout routine that I’ve actually stuck with and set realistic goals for my future. There’s definitely no therapist out there like her.”


"She's gone above and beyond to help me. It's more than just a job to her, she actually wants to help people and is willing to do whatever it takes."


“Even in my darkest moments, I’ve walked out of our sessions feeling hope. Each and every time her therapy is so thoughtful, full of wisdom and in depth. She has a true gift for being able to straightforwardly tell it like it is and also comfort me and instill me with positivity and hope that things will improve. I always leave our conversations feeling enlightened, hopeful, confident, and grateful that I have a therapist who truly understands me and never judges me. I truly wouldn’t have been able to overcome the hard times I’ve had without Mikah’s guidance and expertise."


"There is no one in this world who understands me and my goals like Mikah. She understands all of the feelings and emotions I have and helps me control them. She’s not just telling you what you want to hear, she actively listens to you, gets you relaxed and feeling confident and ready to take on your life path. I’ve got a few wild months coming up but Mikah has me feeling excited to live everyday ahead of me."


"I was extremely nervous and uncertain about taking the step to finally start therapy, but mikah was able to help me feel at ease right from the first session. I have shared things with her that I’ve been too ashamed to tell anyone (my biggest fear about therapy to start with). Mikah helped me to love myself at a time when I was certain I never could. I just wish I started sooner."


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