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Working with teens takes a special touch. In order to work effectively with teens, you must be able to think like them. 


Being a teenager is hard. The teenage years are when we first begin really trying to understand who we are, it’s also a time when we’re undergoing immense biological and developmental changes.  


Teens are navigating relationships and sexuality for the first time, searching for what will make them stand out to colleges or make other plans for the future, and trying to find their place within the social hierarchy. 

With all of this going on, it’s no surprise that teens suffer from incredibly high rates of depression anxiety, subtance abuse, eating disorders and even suicide.


Teens can benefit exponentially from talking to a neutral third party with the ability to both understand where they’re coming from and provide them with mature guidance. In therapy teenagers experience an opportunity to have their perspective heard and understood in a way that can restore trust in authority figures.


Therapy with teens is most effective when family members are included in the treatment process. Involving parents helps to create consistency in implementing the changes discussed in therapy.


THE CLASSIC-- The Classic is the standard 50 minute therapy session. Most teens have attentions spans of about 50 minutes, anything more carries the risk of diminishing returns. 

THE FAMILY SESSION-- The Family Session is a longer, 90 minute therapy session. Whenever working with more than one person, it's best to extend the frame of the session to ensure every party gets the time they need.

THE OUT OF BOUNDS-- The Out of Bounds service is basically like therapy, without the couch. Teens tend to open up more when the setting feels less clinical. Out of Bounds sessions can take place anywhere from the beach to a hiking trail. This is also a great option for parents who want their child to talk to someone, without the stigma of formal therapy.


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